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Margaret Jordan Limited is an Independent Company founded by Margaret Jordan and Jordan Oscun. The two partners collided to make the Margaret Jordan brand. Margaret Jordan Cosmetics is the newest part of the Margaret Jordan franchise, and is lead by Margaret Jordan. Margaret Jordan Cosmetics was founded in 2006, however initial trading did not start until September 2009 due to branding. The Founders wanted a unique style of affordable luxury for the brand. Margaret Jordan Cosmetics concentrates on the beauty side of the brand. Bringing new fresh and vibrant makeup, for all your beauty needs. Our head office is located in London in the UK. We also offer international shipping to most countries around the world,including Africa and the Middle East.

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Margaret Jordan Cosmetics the Fuschia Brand for the future look.

Meet the team

Margaret Jordan

Margaret is the head and founder of Margaret Jordan Cosmetics, and has been leading the company since 2006.

Managing Director

Cherish is the Managing Director she is in charge of overseeing all of your orders, and making sure the staff are as speedy as possible.

Financial Director

Philip is the Financial director he is in charge of all costing and buying, and any customer refunds or exchanges.

HID and Marketing

Mina is in Charge of all international development including all international orders. Marketing, advertising, promotions and press. Please address your Marketing questions to Mina.

Head of Social Media

Susan is in charge of all Social media sites, including instagram.

Media and IT Manager

Melissa is in charge of all Media she is the person who writes all the blogs on our website. She is the person also in charge of the IT and our website.