Which winter colour would you want?

Margaret Jordan Cosmetics winter colours

So guys we have some samples of our new winter colours that will be launching around October 2016. So which colours would you like to see more of?


Matte black with a sweet strawberry smell.



Emerald Bling

Matte Green with a glistening dazzling effect. Smells just like chocolate.




Blu Potion

Matte Blue. Distinctive just like potion. Smells like strawberry.




Violet Knights

Matte fierce purple.Smells like vanilla



Rainbow Ash

Matte greyish purple,not your traditional ash which is why its called rainbow ash add a touch of colour to transform its colour. Smells like strawberries.


Which colour is your favourite leave your comments and feedback. We will also be giving out free samples our winter colours for customers to try and review free of charge in August so keep watching for more info!

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