Wigs or Wefts?

With this new evolution of wigs, invisible lace and more natural looking partings. We must ask ourselves are we now tired of gluing,sewing, and clipping in our hair wefts? Or are these wigs just a simple phase that will pass us like a storm in the night. Well one might argue that wigs are certainly not what they used to be. A Cher or Marilyn Monroe dress up wig? No way! Now   they look so good its almost trick-able to the naked eye.


Now it is so easy to colour wigs and wefts with a lot of retailers like Margaret Jordan Cosmetics having them coloured for you. From  neon colours to darker colours and ombre’s to suit every colour and race.


Surely the lack of stress by pulling on a wig, outweighs the inconvenience of having to fix in wefts. But then again its very hard for wefts to come loosen in a hair tug of war.


With Most good wigs starting from around £400 surely the wefts win on this battle? Well we cant say for sure, as some might argue quality over quantity.


Well we put it to you guys Wigs or Wefts?

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